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The Manga and Anime Club of Oulu (OMAKE for short) is a non-profit society for who are curious about the art of Japanese animation (anime), comics (manga), language and history. Our aim is to connect anime and manga enthusiasts together and promote the hobby. We primarily arrange events in Oulu and the Northern region of Finland. OMAKE provides all kinds of activities, including meetings, anime screenings, allnighters, seminars, board game sessions and sauna evenings. For a list of our upcoming events, please see our calendar.

Some useful Finnish terms to know are:

  • Videoilta – Anime night. We watch anime together, discuss our favourite series, play games etc.
  • Peli-ilta – Gaming night. Bring your own game consoles and/or your best card and board games!
  • Miitti – Meet. Sometimes a gathering in a cafe or a clubroom, then in a more unusual place like the arcade or bowling alleys.
  • Puolivälinkankaan nuorisotalo, ”Puokkari” – The Youth Centre located at Mielikintie 7, Puolivälinkangas. A place where we gather to watch and play games.

You are very welcome to join the club. Apply for a membership for a small sum of cash. The membership card will get you discounts from the Fantasiapelit comics shop located nearby the Oulu train station. We also occasionally have other discounts. You may come to a few of our meetings to see what it’s like before becoming a member. For more information on joining or the club in general, please contact the Board or come to our meetings and go ahead, just ask!😸

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